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About Us


“You light the candle and say a prayer. The quartz pendant necklace is a keepsake to remember a prayer. And... It is pretty cool to wear a quartz pendant necklace!”

Jacen F.

Always Say A prayer

JLite is a fundraising company for youth charities. A portion of all proceeds will go to a charity of choice. There’s so much going on In life during these recent uncertain times. Children need exposure and support of healthy programs. It takes good people and money to make it happen. Jacen came up with this idea of a prayer candle and quartz pendant necklace to help fund raise money.


The ASAP Candle and ASAP Quartz Pendant Necklace can be gifted in so many creative ways. The name of the candle and quartz pendant necklace is ASAP, always say a prayer. The purpose of the candle and necklace is to inspire faith and generate funds for charities that support the youth of our community and the world.


“When people have tough times and are not happy, it is not right. They have a life from God. We want to help make the best of it. You only have one life! We are going to try to do as much as we can to help. Join me!”

Jacen F.

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