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My Story



Hi, I'm Jacen

I want to help other kids. Many charities need money to create programs. Fundraising is a lot of work. My thought is to give a choice to people to buy a a special gift which a percentage of the proceeds go to a charity for children.

Me & My Mom

My mom and I explored many different ways to create a candle with a pendant necklace inside of it. It was an adventure. Finally, we found a way to make this work. Let me tell you how this works. First, you say a prayer. Second, you lite the candle. The candle burns for approximately 20 hours. By the way, it smells so good as it burns. It smells like eucalyptus. Third, you will find an aluminum tin capsule at the bottom of the candle. Inside the capsule is a quartz pendant necklace. Wear the necklace as a keepsake to remember your prayer.


My Mentors

Giving feels so good and makes me happy. The best part is that it makes the person who is receiving happy too. Help me spread positivity and light to others. This candle will brighten your day... the person you gift... and someone you don’t know!


Help me spread the light!

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